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About Us

For more than 20 years, Multi Vendor Service (MVS) has been your trusted third party service provider. Now, we have expanded our portfolio to offer radiography products. As we evolve, we continue to create exceptional value through our extensive capabilities, unsurpassed quality and first rate customer care. Our portfolio includes:

Third Party Service

  • MRI Coil Repair
  • Ultrasound Transducer Repair
  • CR System & Dry Film Printer Service


  • DR Upgrade Solutions
  • MRI Accessories

Service Locations
BSI Assurance Mark

MVS operates 3 depot repair centers located in Pittsburgh, PA (MRI coil, ultrasound transducer), Tulsa, OK (ultrasound transducer), and Maastricht, the Netherlands (ultrasound transducer). Each depot maintains an ISO 13485 certification; a quality standard which is required for medical device manufacturing but is optional for third party medical device repair facilities. We are among the few repair providers voluntarily subscribing to this high quality standard.

More than 15 engineers support our field service business, providing repair and preventative maintenance services for CR systems and dry film printers. Our field service team operates nationwide, in the United States only.

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The Bayer MVS business formed as an extension of the Medrad MRI coil manufacturing business to repair multi vendor coils in 1996. Although Medrad (a part of Bayer) discontinued coil manufacturing in 2010, MVS continued to grow. The MVS third party service business expanded by adding ultrasound transducer repair in 2001 and CR system and dry film printer service in 2006. MVS continued to evolve by expanding into product distribution and manufacturing. The DR product line was added to the MVS portfolio in 2014 and the MRI Accessories product line was added in 2015.

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