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Exceptional repair capabilities in the industry
Avoid costly exchanges and replacements
  • 100% repair rate on over 140 TotalREPAIR eligible ultrasound transducers and TEE transducers
  • Over 99% repair rate on MRI Coils
  • Over 85% repair rate on Transesophageal (TEE) Transducers
  • Over 75% repair rate on all other Ultrasound Transducers
  • Full service contracts and PM programs for CR Systems and Dry Film Printers
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Broad range of makes and models serviced
Minimize time spent searching for a provider with a solution
  • Over 600 models of MRI Coils
    • History of MRI coil manufacturing, with 25+ years of experience
    • All makes and models, field strengths, designs and configurations
  • Over 1100 Ultrasound Transducer models
    • Standard or 2D Transducers
    • Transesophageal (TEE) Transducers for Echocardiography
    • 3D/4D Transducers
  • Over 50 models of CR Systems and Dry Film Printers 
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Global reach and sustainability
We have the capability to serve your needs now and in the future
  • Three facilities with a total of 45,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art repair space
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • Tulsa, OK (Wetsco Facility)
    • Maastricht, The Netherlands
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