MRI Coil History - Bayer MVS

MRI Coil History

Bayer's Medrad brand began manufacturing and servicing MRI coils in 1986.

In the early 1990s, customers began to ask if we could service coils manufactured by other OEMs. Building off of this opportunity and the company's strong reputation in service, Multi Vendor Service (MVS) was formed in 1996 and entered the third-party service market with a focus on depot-based MRI coil repair.

The MVS team brought a new focus to the third party market. It gave healthcare sites an alternative service option for the first time, without diminishing OEM-caliber quality or its edge on innovation.

Today, as part of Bayer Radiology, we continue to offer multi vendor service on MRI coils. We have serviced over 800 models of MRI coils and hold a 99% coil repair rate.