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Expedited Repair

At Bayer MVS we strive to work toward minimizing your business’ downtime while continuing to provide quality service. In addition to our expansive loaner inventory, Bayer MVS now offers Expedited Repair on MRI coils. With Expedited Repair our specially trained team of engineers works diligently to inspect, analyze and repair your damaged coils.

With Expedited Repair we aim to address electrical repairs in less than 24 hours. Upon receiving your damaged coil we will perform a full Bayer MVS incoming coil evaluation. While Expedited Repair service is available for electrical repairs only, we will capture and communicate any mechanical deficiencies.

Contact our first class Customer Care team now to request a quote and learn more about Bayer MVS Expedited Repair and other industry leading ways that Bayer MVS can help your business.

Please note: an additional fee will be associated with Expedited Repair.

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