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MRI Coil Repair

Quality and experience bring you a better option for coil repair.

Leveraging over a quarter of a century of experience as a coil designer and manufacturer, we are the experienced leader in third-party coil repair that customers trust for quality MRI coil repair service and solutions.

Bayer MVS' extensive history in the field of MRI coil repair has allowed us to stay on top of the technology throughout the years. As coil technology evolves it becomes increasingly more sophisticated. We meet the service demands of the evolving industry with our leading reverse-engineering capabilities, which enable us to achieve a 99% repair rate on MRI Coils. Our coil repair capabilities include electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic MRI coil repairs and covers all major manufacturers including GE, Siemens, Philips and more.

Backed by Bayer MVS' ISO 13485 certification, our MRI coil repair capabilities allow us to provide high quality workmanship in a timely manner, reducing our customer's downtime. We continually go above and beyond what is expected, from high quality repairs at a cost lower than the OEM, to recommendations toward preventative maintenance to help reduce future investments. Bayer MVS can be trusted to save our customers time and money while also providing them with the peace of mind that their product is receiving the highest quality care.

We Service:

  • All MRI coil makes and models
  • All field strengths
  • All designs (linear, quadrature, phased array, multi-channel)
  • All configurations

MRI Coil Loaners

In addition to our exceptional quality of work, we also offer a number of solutions to help reduce costly downtime. Our extensive loaner inventory of over 800 models helps keep our customers up and running.

Expedited Repair

Expedited Repair is available on select MRI coil models. Upon receiving your damaged MRI coil our engineers will assess the coil to determine the severity of the damage. Customer Care will contact you to review the evaluation and the accompanying quote. Upon receiving confirmation from the customer, our engineers will work to repair the damaged coil and return it to you in as little time as possible. While we aim to repair and return all expedited coils within 24 hours, conditions do apply. For more information on our Expedited Repairs click here.

Learn about our experiences as a coil manufacturer and service provider.

Contact Multi Vendor Service Customer Care today to get a quote or ask a question about our MRI coil repair.


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  Mechanical and cosmetic repair   Mechanical and cosmetic repair   Electrical repair

Mechanical and
cosmetic repair

Mechanical and
cosmetic repair

Electrical repair

MRI coil repair MRI coil repair MRI coil repair

MRI coil repair

MRI coil repair

MRI coil repair

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