3D/4D Ultrasound Transducer Repair - Bayer MVS

3D/4D Ultrasound Transducer Repair

Unique capabilities bring you multiple options for 3D/4D ultrasound transducer repair and replacement.

  • Bayer MVS's 3D/4D ultrasound transducer capabilities include electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic repairs including those specific to the complexities of 3D technology: oil leaks, dome replacements, air bubbles, etc.
  • We also offer TotalRepair, a guaranteed repair solution with a swap option at the repair price, on some of the most popular 3D/4D ultrasound models including the GE® RIC, and RAB series transducers.
  • 3D/4D transducer repairs are performed in our Tulsa, OK location.
  • Contact MVS Customer Care today to get a quote or ask a question about our 3D/4D Ultrasound Transducer repair.

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