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Transesophageal (TEE) Transducer Repair

You can trust us with your TEE.

  • Transesophageal (TEE) Transducers are delicate medical instruments that require unique repair capabilities. We excel in the highly complex, sophisticated repairs that your TEE transducer requires.
  • Our TEE transducer capabilities include most electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic repairs. We also offer TotalREPAIR, a guaranteed 100% repair solution.
  • We perform TEE transducer repairs in our Pittsburgh, PA and Maastricht, the Netherlands locations. Contact MVS Customer Care today to get a quote or ask a question about our TEE Transducer repair.
6T capabilities

GE 6T / 6Tc TotalRepair capabilities!

Bayer MVS is proud to announce the GE 6T / 6Tc family of probes is on TotalRepair. Previously deemed unrepairable probes now have a solution!

What can we do for you!

Simple. We save you money, time, and perhaps most importantly, provide you with peace of mind. Our expanded 6T capabilities allow us to provide you with a potentially more cost effective alternative to high-priced probe replacement. We have the resources to provide you with a loaner probe to help minimize downtime. You also gain peace of mind, knowing that your probe is in the hands of highly trained, specialized, and passionate technicians.

Finally, our decades of industry experience have shown us how much customers appreciate having their products returned to them, as opposed to replacing their product. Our 6T / 6Tc TotalRepair capabilities provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your probe will be returned to you in its OEM intended form, fit and function.

How did we do it?

Bayer MVS developed these highly advanced processes by reverse engineering the entire 6T probe, while also developing a proprietary repair procedures on the acoustic array.

Thanks to Bayer MVS’s advancements in 6T capabilities, customers are no longer subject to expensive OEM or market-priced exchanges. We now offer our customers the comfort and satisfaction of being able to repair their probe. In addition to being able to return your probe to you as quickly as possible, we also offer our customers loaners.

Whether your 6T / 6Tc needs a simple cosmetic touch up, or a full array repair, Bayer MVS has the capabilities to service your product end to end.

Our 6T / 6Tc TotalRepair capabilities include:
  • Full array repair
  • Insertion tube replacement
  • Harness replacement

Of course, all of the services from Bayer MVS, including our 6T / 6Tc TotalRepair capabilities include our award-winning Customer Care.

Contact Bayer MVS to learn more about this and other industry leading capabilities!

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 Probe Before & After Repair  Probe Before & After Repair  Probe Before & After Repair

Cosmetic repair

Electrical, Mechanical and cosmetic repair

Mechanical and cosmetic repair

  Pittsburgh repair facility  Probe repair facility      

Pittsburgh repair facility

Maastricht TEE
probe repair

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