TruSource - Transducer Element Testing - Bayer MVS


TruSource is a proprietary tool for testing the integrity of transducer elements and displaying element-by-element performance in real-time, which Bayer Multi Vendor Service uses exclusively as a part of its PerformanceProven diagnostic testing. TruSource provides an impeccably precise diagnosis of transducer performance to give you the confidence you need for repair and replacement decision-making.

  • The TruSource Element Integrity Test reveals damage to individual array elements. It isolates array elements to determine if they are fully functional or if they are weak, shorted, intermittent, or dead.
  • The TruSource Sensitivity Test measures the signal response from each element.
  • The TruSource Capacitance Test measures the electrical integrity of the transducer cable and each element.
  • The TruSource Video Capture Test allows the technician to test how an ultrasound probe is imaging in real-time. It is shared as a movie file in the diagnostic assessment to reveal intermittent failures that are not visible in a still-frame photo.
  • The TruSource Waveform Envelope Test creates waveforms for each individual element in the transducer. Three representative waveforms are shared in the diagnostic assessment to indicate how the transducer is imaging at three common element points, typically 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of the way along the acoustic array.