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Bayer Multi Vendor Service

Bayer Multi Vendor Service (MVS) offers outstanding quality third-party MRI coil and Ultrasound Transducer repair as well as CR system and Dry Film Printer service solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on providing industry leading capabilities, resulting in outstanding quality repair service and solutions at an affordable cost.

In addition to providing MRI coil and Ultrasound transducer repair solutions, we have expanded our portfolio. We now provide outstanding product solution and services in the field of digital radiography. Bayer MVS also distributes a number of products including the Medrad® eCoil as well as the MRI Non-Magnetic Burnett Bi-Directional TMJ Device. As we evolve, we continue to create exceptional value through our extensive capabilities, unsurpassed quality and first-rate customer care. Our portfolio includes: