Standard Transducers

Unmatched capabilities bring you exceptional value in transducer repair

  • We provide prompt, reliable, high quality repair at a reasonable price for all major ultrasound transducer brands.
  • With comprehensive repair capabilities on standard 2D, Transesophageal (TEE) and 3D/4D transducers, we provide you with a repair solution more often, so that you can avoid costly exchanges and replacements and maintain your site's standard of care.
  • Our ultrasound transducer capabilities include most electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic repairs. We also offer TotalREPAIR, a guaranteed repair solution on select transducers, enabled by 100% repair capabilities.
  • Contact Customer Care today to get a quote or ask a question about our Ultrasound Transducer repair.

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 Probe Before & After Repair  Probe Before & After Repair  Probe Before & After Repair  Probe repair facility

Electrical, mechanical and cosmetic repair

Mechanical and cosmetic repair

Electrical and cosmetic repair

Maastricht probe repair


 Probe repair facility  Pittsburgh repair facility  Pittsburgh repair facility  Probe repair facility  

Pittsburgh probe repair

Pittsburgh repair facility

Pittsburgh repair facility

Tulsa probe repair

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